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Boost Profits and Ease Labor with Automated Food Processing

Enhance Efficiency, Quality, and Safety with Automation: Insights from BAK Food Equipment’s Webinar


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As global food demand increases, many food processors find themselves struggling to keep up and stay competitive with their current operations. Historically, the food processing industry has lagged in adopting automation, largely due to misconceptions that such technology diminishes food quality and increases costs. However, automated food processing equipment can provide the crucial boost needed to maintain a competitive edge. 

Automation Unveiled: Unlocking Benefits for Your Business 

Zack Olson, the manager of growth strategy and innovation at BAK Food Equipment, addresses these misconceptions in a compelling 20-minute webinar. Available now for on-demand viewing, Olson’s presentation explores the benefits of automation for food processors. He dismantles common myths and shares real-life success stories of food processing operations that have significantly increased output and improved employee retention by integrating just a single piece of automated equipment. 

Solving Labor Challenges 

One of the most pressing issues for many food processors is labor constraints. For example, a bacon production line can require up to 40 workers from start to finish. Automated solutions can reduce this number to just two, freeing up the remaining employees for other essential tasks. This transformation is especially beneficial in small towns where labor is scarce. Additionally, automation helps reduce employee injuries and improves retention by minimizing physically demanding tasks. 

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Enhancing Quality and Consistency 

Automation also brings significant improvements in product quality and consistency. By minimizing human intervention, automated systems ensure that all measurements are precise, and each batch of product receives identical treatment. For instance, many processors have found that using a multi-needle, automated brine injector ensures more even distribution of brine throughout cuts of meat compared to the traditional manual injection with a single needle. 

Improving Food Safety and Reducing Waste 

Furthermore, automation plays a critical role in reducing waste and enhancing food safety. With fewer opportunities for human error, the risk of product contamination or mishandling decreases. Additionally, most automated equipment comes with built-in data logging capabilities, which increase traceability and further bolster food safety measures. 

By embracing automation, food processors can address labor shortages, enhance product quality and consistency, and improve overall food safety. To learn more about the transformative potential of automated food processing equipment, watch Zack Olson’s informative webinar, now available on-demand from BAK Food Equipment. 

Learn More 

Food processors interested in learning more about the benefits of automation and how to optimize their operations can view the on-demand video here. 

As the exclusive North American distributor of NOMA (formerly Nowicki Food Machinery), N&N Nadratowski, and Protech food processing equipment, BAK Food Equipment provides the highest quality tumblers, meat injectors, meat grinders, and more. With a dedicated team of knowledgeable sales staff, talented engineers, and expert service technicians, BAK Food Equipment also offers installation, design, engineering, and service. 

About BAK Food Equipment 

BAK Food Equipment, previously known as Equipment Processing Solutions, carries a broad line of food processing equipment, including industrial mixers, grinders, cutters, tumblers and tenderizers, injection systems, and monitoring hardware. With more than 60 years of experience in the food industry, BAK Food Equipment partners with its customers from initial consultation through design and specification to provide the right food processing equipment at the best value. BAK Food Equipment is the exclusive North American distributor of NOMA, Protech, and N&N Nadratowski food processing solutions. To learn more, visit 

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