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How Automation Can Benefit Your Processing Operations


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The food processing industry has long lagged in technological implementation, and automated processing solutions have been no exception. However, many of these perceptions about automation are false. 

In this presentation, Zack Olson, BAK Food Equipment Lead Sales and Marketing Specialist, explains how your facility can see gains in productivity, profitability, quality, and safety through the implementation of automated food processing equipment. 

Olson shares real-life examples of food processing operations that have benefitted from automation, including a ham producer who reduced processing time by more than 20 hours and a poultry processor who increased employee retention by eliminating dangerous tasks. Watch the presentation now.

For those attending Process Expo, visit BAK Food Equipment each day at 10:30 a.m. to see Olson give this presentation on the show floor. If you aren’t attending, contact us now to learn more.

As the exclusive North American distributor of NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery, Protech, and N&N Nadratowski food processing equipment, BAK Food Equipment brings U.S. food processors the best food processing automation technologies for growing productivity and profit without sacrificing taste, quality, and safety. We carry a broad line of food processing equipment, including industrial mixers, grinders, cutters, tumblers, injection systems, and more.

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