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NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery MS series brine mixers feature stainless-steel construction to satisfy the most stringent food safety hygiene requirements. A triple mixing system of solution components (mechanical, circulating, and injection agitators) ensures reliably homogeneous brines. An automatic dosing of dry ingredients eliminates the need for rote manual methods to spice brines.

MS series brine mixers also feature:

  • An efficient centrifugal pump
  • Precise control over water quantity
  • Precise control over solution temperature (optional)
  • Speedy mixing to quickly achieve a consistent brine solution
  • Precise calibration of the brine tank
  • A smooth internal hopper with vibrator (optional) for effectively adding dry ingredients to water
  • The option to integrate the machine with the injector (and transport completed brine to the injector) solution temperature

In addition, MS series brine mixers can be adapted to the preparation of thick sauces (and can even accept inclusion of a membrane pump to handle thick brines). There’s also the option to sterilize brine in the machine with a UV lamp.


Building on the functionality of MS series brine mixers is the new NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery BM-1000 brine mixer. This brine mixer’s automatic washing system guarantees the absolute highest levels of hygiene to ensure the microbiological safety of prepared brine solutions. A specially designed swivel head allows for easy, quick, and thorough cleaning of the brine mixer’s tank interior. An additional inspection hole allows washdown personnel to inspect the interior of the tank after cleaning. The BM-1000 brine mixer’s cleaning functions can also be connected to a plant’s clean-in-place (CIP) systems.

The NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery BM-1000 brine mixer’s touch panel allows intuitive control over:

  • Brine preparation processes
  • An automatic washing program, including controlled emptying of the tank after washing
  • Recipe management
  • Integration of an optional weighing system
  • Data collected and tagged with an optional barcode reader

Most importantly, the BM-1000 brine mixer’s advanced control system minimizes the possibility of errors during brine preparation.

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