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N&N Nadratowski MG series mixer-grinders are innovative units combining a twin-shaft paddle mixer and a high-end grinder. By combining the two devices into one compact body, the MG series saves space and significantly shortens the manufacturing process by eliminating transport between a standard mixer and a grinder. These combination units are ideal for preparing, grinding, and forming food products such as minced meat.



MG series mixer-grinders offer gentle yet effective mixing with two paddle shafts that are identical to those used in standard N&N Nadratowski mixers. The MG series maintains the structure of the product while ensuring efficient mixing of both fatty and lean meat at speeds as much as 20% faster than standard mixers. 

The grinder portion of the MG series is specifically designed to optimize the grinding process. The grinder’s throat is located under and perpendicular to the mixer’s tank. This positioning, coupled with the mixer’s specially shaped paddles, ensures that little to no waste is left in the mixer after processing.

For easy operation, the MG series is equipped with a reliable push button operator panel or a colorful and intuitive touch screen human–machine interface (HMI). Included software features access to control manual and automatic operation, and storage for as many as 100 mixing programs with up to five programmable steps each.

The mixer-grinders are equipped with an auxiliary trolley on which the removed screw and cutting tools can be directly placed — an ideal, hygienic, and space-saving solution for preparing the screw for cleaning.

N&N Nadratowski MG series mixer-grinders are ideal for applications requiring quick, efficient mixing, excellent product structure, and adequate color contrast maintenance after grinding. This includes the mixing and final grinding of pre-ground products, such as vegetables, purées, fruit pulp, meat filling, hamburgers, and nuggets.

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