BAK Food Equipment

BAK Food Equipment

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NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery KR-15, KR-45, and KR-90 food micro-cutters are compact stainless-steel machines designed to finely cut and emulsify raw materials for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. With double cutting heads and knife speeds to 3,000 rpm, the food micro-cutters excel at emulsifying sausages, pies, baby foods, sauces, and cream-like products — even while minimizing temperature increases.


  • Double noncontact cutting heads prevent premature wear should dry runs occur
  • Quick assembly and disassembly of cutting tools and no need for adjustments
  • Cutting head knives require no sharpening

KR-15, KR-45, and KR-90 food micro-cutters also offer simple setup and operation via a touch panel. Design features for mobility make relocation of the micro-cutters within a plant quite easy, or the micro-cutters can be installed in-line with other food-processing machines.

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