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With 200, 330, 550, and 750 L bowl capacities, NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery KN-200, KN-330, KN-550, and KN-750 industrial bowl cutters are designed to produce a variety of meat products — including crumbles and fine-grain fat emulsions — even from raw skins. The cutters’ stainless-steel construction is complemented by hygienic geometry, with all flat surfaces inclined 3° to maximize cleanability as well as polished surfaces everywhere product contacts the machine. High-quality sausages can be made in the butchery cutters with maximum repeatability for consistency of the end product. The mixing of raw sausage ingredients is also possible.


NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery KN-60, KN-90, and KN-125 butchery cutters feature microprocessor-based controls to command the high-speed knife-head cutting rotations as well as mixing rotations with 40 preprogrammed routines. Software monitors machine operation, conducts automatic diagnostic routines, and sounds signals to communicate the machine state to operators. A built-in operator panel is configurable and lets operators change the interface language. Automation of a raw materials unloader and a water dosage system completes the design.


KN-200, KN-330, KN-550, and KN-750 NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery industrial butchery cutters include an array of design features for high performance and ease of use, including:

  • A cover that effectively contains the noise of operation
  • A head with cutting knives requiring no regulation of distance from the bowl’s inner surfaces
  • Blades that “cut in the air” for consistent crumbling of food contents throughout the bowl volume
  • A variable frequency drive to power the knife-head motor, no current disturbance, and the option to upgrade to a higher-power motor for heavier product
  • Hydraulic loading and unloading systems
  • Hydraulically operated front and back bowl covers
  • An automatic centralized lubrication system

Perhaps most importantly, butchery cutters include a complete safety system with an emergency stop for both the bowl drive and the cutterhead drive.

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