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Nowicki W-200 B and W-280 B automatic angle grinders can grind meat blocks frozen down to –8°F (–22°C) or fresh meat to preset levels of required granulation. All axes are under the command of a microprocessor-based control system.

Recommended for large meat, fish, and pet food production facilities, Nowicki W-200 B and W-280 B automatic angle grinders include open-top grind hoppers that accept inputs of whole meat via an inclined feed conveyor or trolley lift. Angularly arranged worms feed and press the meat into an extrusion cutting zone. The two worms’ drives are synchronized to precisely meter meat into the zone for high-quality minced output.


Nowicki W-200 B and W-280 B automatic angle grinders feature high-quality stainless-steel construction as well as:

  • High efficiency
  • A pressing chamber and pressing worm made of specialty stainless steel
  • Cutting systems with high-quality plates and blades
  • Smooth control of the feed worm

Adjustment of the angle grinders’ pressing worm speed is automatic, and the pressing worm includes an automatic push-out feature. Both the feed and pressing worm are CNC machined from solid pieces of steel (sans welding) for a construction that’s rugged, smooth, and easy to clean.

The elevated grind hopper and other features make the meat grinder an exceptionally safe machine for plant operators. Additional capabilities abound, depending on the exact equipment variation. The grinders can be supplied with different worm types to suit specific product ranges and end user requirements.

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