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Nowicki ZMS series dual-tank brine preparation machines are used to process, cool, and store brine solutions for injection into meat and fish. The mixers simplify the production of thoroughly homogenous brines sans deposits. ZMS series brine mixers excel at brine preparations involving lots of dry ingredients, such as spices.

Two tanks (for preparing and storing) as well as two high-efficiency pumps, electronic controls, and a cooling system are engineered into machinery that ensures high-quality brines.


Nowicki ZMS series brine mixers have an open construction to satisfy the stringent hygiene requirements of the food-processing industry. In addition, the machines are customizable to individual end user needs by allowing:

  • The adjustment of the entire machine’s overall dimensions
  • The adjustment of the brine tanks’ volume and dimensions
  • Installation of an independent cooling unit or an optional connection to the end user’s cooling system


Nowicki ZMS series dual brine preparation systems fully automate and control the brine mixing process via:

  • Automatic valve control
  • Electronic control over the quantity of water added
  • Control of over the pump-out of finished solution (especially useful where further processing awaits downstream)
  • Temperature control

In addition, Nowicki ZMS series dual brine preparation systems accommodate the mixing of high-viscosity brine by integrating strong high shear pumps, a vibrator mounted on the hopper, and in some cases a mechanical agitator.

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