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Why You Should Upgrade to the Automated Spiral Cooking, Smoking, Freezing System

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Automation offers food processing operations myriad benefits. If you saw our last presentation, you know that you can improve product quality, boost employee safety and retention, optimize your workforce (especially important in light of the labor gap), and so much more, with the implementation of automated food processing equipment. Our next presentation will take the discussion a step further. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 29, at 2 p.m. CT, Zack Olson, BAK Food Equipment Lead Sales and Marketing Specialist, will explain the return-on-investment benefits processors can realize from upgrading their processes with the Protech Automated Spiral Cooking, Smoking, Freezing System. Register for the live event here

In the presentation, Olson will go into detail about the benefits, outlining the potential savings that can be realized from reduced utility usage and eliminated product loss. He’ll also discuss the gains that result from increased throughput and product quality. Finally, you’ll hear a real-life example of a bacon processing operation that increased production volume of its highest quality product with the end-to-end fully automated line for processing bacon and other smoked food products.

return-on-investment benefits

This is a can’t-miss presentation for anyone interested in automated processing equipment or considering upgrading to the Protech Automated Spiral Cooking, Smoking, Freezing System. Olson will be available to answer questions during the event or you can contact us to discuss your operation’s needs. Our expert consultants will also be at the MWFPA 2023 Convention Nov. 28-30 and look forward to answering your questions in person.

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