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NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery MAH PSCH/D series vacuum meat tumblers include a defrosting function to let plants marinate meat from frozen blocks with one machine. Marinade and meat travel the inside surface of the tumbling drum along spiral blades, which are specially engineered to maximize rubbing while minimizing trauma to meat pieces. Full marination is achieved up to 30 times faster than with static soaking.


For defrosting, MAH PSCH/D series vacuum meat tumblers include a heating system complemented by an insulated jacket wrapping the tumbling drum. The system employs a circuit filled with glycol to distribute heat. In addition, an external box with fittings allows facilities to connect meat tumblers to existing steam installations. There’s also the option to connect meat tumblers to an autonomous steam generator.

For total control over the temperature of meat being processed, MAH PSCH/D series vacuum meat tumblers also feature an insulated cooling jacket (with a glycol circuit) around the drum perimeter and an external cooling unit.


MAH PSCH/D series vacuum meat tumblers lower food plant operating costs by combining several processes into one piece of versatile equipment. This has the added benefit of accommodating several loading and unloading procedures for a given type of meat product. In addition, the meat tumblers:

  • Allow for the correction of batch weights
  • Optimize the microbiological conditions of production processes
  • Minimize defrosting time
  • Allow full control over process temperatures
  • Preserve the consistency of foods’ natural colors
  • Boost operational efficiencies
  • Optimize the final product’s microbiological quality

MAH PSCH/D series vacuum meat tumblers are suitable for the marinating of red meat from frozen blocks, poultry from frozen blocks, fish, and other seafood. With these vacuum meat tumblers, it’s also possible to conduct other processes, including brewing, cooking, curing, traditional massaging, and product cooling.

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