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NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery MAH PSCH series tilted vacuum meat tumblers can marinate especially large batches of meat. Plus they offer faster loading and unloading times than other comparable tumblers on the market.


MAH PSCH series tilted vacuum meat tumblers are constructed of acid-resistant steel. Accurate machining and welds ensure that the equipment is easy to clean. Drum workpieces are polished inside and out. The drum’s spiral blades are also polished for durability and cleanability.

The tilted drum of MAH PSCH series meat tumblers accept loads that are 30% larger than those accepted by classic horizontal tumblers of comparable size. What’s more, the drum’s slope is adjustable, do end users can optimize their own proprietary marinating approaches. The drum lowering and lifting system uses rugged hydraulics. Cleaning personnel and service technicians can use the hydraulic system to position the drum for easy access to all machine sections.

The vacuum systems of MAH PSCH series meat tumblers include reliable Busch-brand vacuum pumps as standard, along with a multistage vacuum pump protection system. Users can also install MAH PSCH series meat tumblers to employ external pumps or a central vacuum system.


Inside NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery MAH PSCH series tilted vacuum tumblers, marinade and meat travel the tumbling drum’s inside surface, along spiral blades that are specially engineered to maximize rubbing while minimizing trauma to delicate meat pieces. The spiral blade system shortens required marinating/massage time for fast processing and exceptional end product quality.

More specifically, the tumbling drum’s spiral blades significantly increase the motion of meat along the circumference of the tumbler drum and its horizontal (front–back) length. At the same time, the blades ensure that meat gently travels this path. During standard tumbler operation, meat pieces travel in a train along a spiral to the drum’s back end. Then (following a 3D sinusoidal path) the next revolution transfers the meat to the drum’s top spiral, which returns the meat train to the drum’s front end. This functionality ensures that meat pieces maintain an attractive appearance for maximum process yield, which is most important for delicate and expensive cuts of meat.


An advanced control system on all NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery MAH PSCH series tumblers allows full command over all marinating parameters, including the temperature inside the drum, drum vacuum level, rotational rpm of drum, massage time, and overall interval time. Plant personnel can choose various machine programs by selecting them by name from a list on the system’s large touchscreen control panel. After a program is selected, all configurable parameters are displayed. In addition, the systems:

  • Allow remote-access monitoring of machine status from any computer
  • Can execute operations selected automatically or manually 
  • Password-protect routines so only authorized users can adjust them

Completing the control system are SCADA monitoring and recording of batch parameters and yields, diagnostics that leverage internet connectivity for smart-machine benefits, and RFID-based product identification and tracking.

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