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Nowicki T-600S roller tenderizers use two long cylindrical rollers called tenderizing shafts. Studded with star or knife wheels, the rollers: 

  • Tenderize and soften meat muscles
  • Increase absorption of brine in subsequent processing

T-600S roller tenderizers excel in the tenderization of meat cuts containing hard tissues; they easily cut hard tissues such as muscle tendons. This further increases the brine absorption surface for an optimally flavored end product. In addition, T-600S roller tenderizers feature:

  • Roller position adjustment from the control panel to complement meat thickness
  • Two synchronized transport tables — one for loading and another for discharge

Featuring washdown-ready stainless-steel construction, Nowicki T-600S roller tenderizers allow the easy assembly and disassembly of shafts for maintenance and cleaning. Smooth adjustment of the upper shaft’s pressure force lets end users optimize machine settings to various cuts of meat. In addition, it’s possible to use of different shaft shapes to execute different meat tenderizing operations.

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