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NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery MH series single-head and multiple-head brine injectors with servo automatic system (SAS) functionalities offer highly controlled injection processes for fish fillets as well as red and white meats. These brine injectors offer maximally consistent injections with continuous real time monitoring to let operators make immediate corrections to brine makeup, volume, temperature, and injection timing where possible.

Easy-attach injection heads feature 2, 2.5, 3, and 3.5 mm needles to inject raw meat of different thicknesses without extruding brine. Each head can be independently outfitted with needles or tenderizing knives. A specialty pump is available for processes involving high-viscosity brines.


Servo automatic system (SAS) programming can set for any injection cycle’s start and stop values for smooth control over brine pressure and temperature. In this way, the programming ensures high repeatability for low and high injection percentages — from 10% to 100% and beyond. Servo-driven injection heads and conveyors maintain high throughput, while multi-axis synchronization of the stage drive and injection head drive allows for a variety of injection pattern combinations (and uniform distribution of brine throughout meat products with natural variability).

All processes are programmed via an easy-to-use touch panel for full control over a wide array of brine-injection parameters. Automatic onboard and internet-based diagnostics support quick troubleshooting for minimized downtime.


Multiple-head NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery MH series brine injectors feature individual controls for each head and the option to detach and/or swap both heads to suit different operations. Each head is served by an independent pump. Two separate control systems ensure consistent brine pressure regulation of individual heads, so it’s possible to set the heads to different pressures.


NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery MH series injectors also feature multistage brine filtration based on replaceable cartridges of different gradations. The exact assembly depends on the injector needle type. A system controller automatically sets the level of filtration. An FBN rotary filter complete with a slot drum executes superfine brine filtration, and there’s the option of matching the slot to the return brine, as well as the option to add a protein filter.

NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery MH series injectors can be quickly and effectively cleaned. Needle heads can be replaced quickly. A head hygiene system shortens the time required for full washdown (including the sanitation of injection head internals).

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