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BAK Food Equipment

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N&N Nadratowski P series column loaders offer top-class aesthetics and workmanship along with reliable and durable construction for many years of dependable operation. The loading system can be fixed to a mixer, mounted to the ground, or contained in a portable system for multiple applications.



Like all N&N Nadratowski food processing solutions, P series swing and column loaders are designed with uncompromisingly high product details, including materials, technology, and design. 

These loaders are designed for standard euro bins and Dolavs but can be adapted to lift barrels, crates, or other containers to meet the unique production needs and requirements of any food processing operation. 

To serve in a variety of applications, these column loaders and tippers can be equipped with a range of additional accessories, such as a sealing jacket, a pressure funnel, or an extra strainer.

Ensuring equipment safety and reliability, P series column loaders feature a highly durable galvanized chain designed to carry the high capacities associated with food processing operations. In the event of the chain breaking, a mechanical safety brake protects workers from a falling trolley.

Customized loading, unloading, and handling systems are also available.

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