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The tumbling process helps food processers deliver the highest-quality products possible. When tumbling occurs in a continuous vacuum, the fully enclosed environment not only improves food safety but also results in greater product consistency when compared with an open environment. N&N Nadratowski’s MV series vacuum tumblers include a unique mechanical drum that can be tilted by as much as 120 degrees.



N&N Nadratowski’s MG series vacuum tumblers are designed with an adjustable tilt angle and asymmetrical fins to provide more versatility to food processing operations. When the drum rotates left, product is not lifted but is gently tumbled, which is ideal for more sensitive products. When it rotates right, the asymmetrical fins lift the product for a more aggressive effect, reducing processing time for less sensitive products. Very small products can be tumbled with the use of additional removable forks.

Able to achieve a vacuum of up to 99% (10 mm Hg), these tumblers improve the structure, color, and tenderness of meat, making them ideal for vacuum tumbling and pickling large and small meat elements such as wings, legs, and fillets. The internal shape of the tumbler’s drum also makes it ideal for wet pickling, plasticizing, dry salting, and marinating. Vacuum-free machines are suitable for mixing cereal, vegetable, and fruit products.

Like all N&N Nadratowski food processing equipment, these vacuum tumblers feature robust construction for years of high-quality, dependable service. The tumblers’ simple and stable welded stainless steel construction meets the highest hygienic requirements and ensures easy operation. Additionally, ergonomic solutions, such as the vacuum lid holder, ensure the safety of workers.

All N&N Nadratowski food tumblers are equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen human–machine interface (HMI). The included HMI software allows users to access and control manual and automatic operations. The software can store as many as 100 programs with up to five programmable steps each.

To help food processors save space and improve worker safety, these tumblers can be optionally equipped with a loading arm adapted to lift standard euro bins, Dolavs, barrels, crates, or any other container.

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