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N&N Nadratowski’s MIX Z and MIX ZV series mixers are unique in N&N Nadratowki’s lineup of mixers in that they combine a Z-type shaft with a tilting bowl, an ideal setup for mixing highly fragmented thick and heavy products. With capacities ranging from 500 to 1500 liters, these mixers can be equipped with a variety of optional accessories to perfectly meet specific application requirements.



N&N Nadratowski MIX Z and MIX ZV series mixers are equipped with two intermeshing Z-type shafts placed at the same height. Superior mixing results from rotating both shafts at the same preset speed.

For quick and easy emptying, MIX Z and MIX ZV mixers are equipped with a standard hydraulic unloading system, which opens the mixing chamber cover and tilts the bowl directly into a euro bin or other container.

N&N Nadratowski mixers are equipped with an intuitive touch screen human–machine interface (HMI). It is easy to use, allows operators to control manual and automatic operation, and can store as many as 100 mixing programs with up to five programmable steps each.

With reinforced bowl construction and a tight top cover, models with the vacuum feature can achieve up to a 99% vacuum. Processing in the mixer under a vacuum helps improve protein extraction and absorption and enables the even distribution of liquids, spices, and other ingredients. The vacuum also enables density control and eliminates air bubbles before emulsification, filling, or forming.

N&N Nadratowski MIX Z and MIX ZV series intermeshing Z-type shaft mixers with tilting bowls are designed for intensive mixing of highly fragmented thick and heavy meat stuffing, as required in the production of kebab meat, as well as bakery and confectionery masses.

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