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Designed for mixing and kneading the heaviest and most demanding masses, N&N Nadratowski’s MIX SZ and MIX SZV series mixers are strong two-shaft, tilt-to-open vacuum mixers equipped with round or flat Z-shafts. With a high standard of workmanship and hygienic zone design, these machines are easy to clean, simplifying the prevention of contamination and bacterial outbreaks.



Devices in the N&N Nadratowski MIX SZ and MIX SZV series rely on two parallel Z-type shafts placed at the same height within the mixing bowl. The ability to set the speed and direction of rotation independently for each shaft is a characteristic feature of this series of machines.

For quick and easy emptying, the mixers are equipped with a standard hydraulic unloading system. It opens the mixing chamber cover and tilts the bowl directly into a euro bin or other container.

The MIX SZV vacuum model features reinforced bowl construction and a tight top cover to enable up to a 99% vacuum. Mixing in a vacuum improves protein extraction and absorption and the distribution of liquids, spices, and other ingredients. It also enables density control and eliminates air bubbles before emulsification, filling, or forming. 

MIX SZ and MIX SZV series mixers are controlled by a reliable and intuitive touch screen human–machine interface (HMI), with software that provides access to manual and automatic operation and with room for storing as many as 100 mixing programs with up to five programmable steps each.

N&N Nadratowski MIX SZ and MIX SZV series heavy-duty parallel Z-type shaft mixers with tilting bowls are designed for the intensive mixing and kneading of masses required in the production of confectionery and bakery masses such as maturing dough, protein bars, and bouillon cubes.

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