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Ideal for mixing medium- to high-density products, N&N Nadratowski MIX S and MIX SV series mixers can be equipped with paddle or ribbon shafts and a variety of accessories, making them perfectly customizable to any application. High-quality construction ensures that these mixers will provide decades of reliable service.



Available in capacities ranging from 500 to 4800 liters, MIX S and MIX SV mixers achieve optimal blending of high-viscosity products via twin parallel paddle or ribbon shafts located at the same height within the mixing bowl. The speed and rotation direction of each shaft can be independently controlled to optimize the mixing process for each recipe. 

Ejection is quick and easy thanks to a large ejection flap in the lower half of the mixing bowl and the low clearance between the shaft and bowl. This also ensures that a minimal amount of product is left in the mixing bowl between batches.

Like all N&N Nadratowski mixers, those in the MIX S and MIX SV series are equipped with an intuitive touch screen human–machine interface (HMI) that is easy to use. The included HMI software allows for control of manual and automatic operation, with storage space for as many as 100 mixing programs with up to five programmable steps each.

MIX SV vacuum mixers can achieve up to a 99% vacuum thanks to the reinforced bowl construction and a tight top cover. Mixing in a vacuum improves protein extraction and absorption and ensures the even distribution of liquids, spices, and other ingredients. A vacuum also enables density control and eliminates air bubbles before emulsification, filling, or forming.

Depending on the type of ribbon or paddle shafts used, MIX S and MIX SV universal mixers are suitable for mixing products of medium and high density, such as finely and very finely chopped meat stuffing, cheese stuffing, and animal feeds.

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