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NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery food processing equipment

The N&N Nadratowski MIX-Cook series is an innovative line of two-shaft mixers equipped with a steam or oil heating jacket, allowing for quick and even mixing and cooking of food products. It is one of the best solutions in the field of food heat treatment, providing superior, reproducible results that meet the highest food safety standards.



The N&N Nadratowski MIX-Cook series mixing process relies on twin parallel paddle or ribbon shafts placed at the same height. The two shafts can be separately controlled, allowing operators to set the speed and direction of rotation for each shaft independently to optimize the mixing process for each unique application. 

A large ejection flap in the lower half of the mixing bowl, combined with the low shaft positioning and bowl clearance, ensures that mixed product is ejected quickly, with minimal amounts of product left in the mixing bowl between batches. 

Like all N&N Nadratowski equipment, Mix-Cook mixers are available with a reliable and intuitive touch screen human–machine interface (HMI), featuring software with advanced cooking options and process monitoring and control, designed to maximize production efficiency. The HMI software also enables recipe management and provides access to controls to ensure that repeatability and consistency are maintained from batch to batch.

For applications with ingredients that are prone to sticking, an optional system of scrapers, featuring a springy claw and temperature-resistant plastic, is available to ensure that product is perfectly removed and will not burn. Steam-injection nozzles are also an available option. Steam injection accelerates the cooking process by several times while preventing burning.

Mix-Cook combination machines are ideal for cooking products like sauces, purées, baby food, vegetables, rice and grains, minced meat, and offal.

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