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N&N Nadratowski FL series frozen block flakers are ideal for the continuous grinding of blocks of frozen food products. The equipment is suitable for cutting blocks at temperatures as low as –30ºC, and the feeding table can be used to unpack products from foil. Unique blade and cutting drum geometry combined with automatic clamping (models FL-440 and FL-660) allow for high productivity while maintaining superior cutting quality.



Like all N&N Nadratowski equipment, the FL series adheres to uncompromising standards for all product details, including materials, technology, and design. 

These flakers feature a unique knife construction and drum geometry designed to achieve ideal cuts. FL series flakers can be equipped with two types of blades to produce six cutting thicknesses. Low knives (at 3 mm, 6 mm, and 9 mm) and high knives (at 14 mm, 17 mm, and 20 mm) provide the flexibility to adapt flakes to specific production requirements. 

Additional cross-blades are available as an add-on option. Cross-blades cut horizontally while the main blades cut vertically, resulting in much smaller pieces. These are ideal for further processing in mixes or for preparing sausages, minced meat, or molded products such as hamburgers.

When the blade configuration is combined with the integrated pneumatic block clamping system, the equipment can achieve above-average results with a low noise level.

All N&N Nadratowski frozen block flakers are designed to ensure the highest levels of sanitation. A fully opening lid above the cutting area combined with a block pusher designed for quick disassembly make cleaning the cutting area simple. All food contact surfaces are sandblasted or ground to a smooth, easy-to-clean finish. The completely enclosed machine body and fully integrated control box also facilitate easy cleaning. 

N&N Nadratowski FL series flakers are ideal for cutting blocks of frozen meat, fish, vegetables, or fruit, as well as dairy products such as cheese and confectionery products like blocks of chocolate.

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