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BAK Food Equipment

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Nowicki industrial meat-tumbling (speed marinating) machines can be complemented by several different loading systems. All equipment features stainless-steel construction to withstand the harsh conditions of washdowns required to maintain food safety. Ruggedized buttons and a mushroom-head emergency stop button on each piece of equipment offer control simplicity.

Nowicki WP-1 mechanical meat-tumbler loading units ride on wheeled frames for maximum mobility and positioning flexibility. 

Nowicki WP-2 industrial meat-tumbler system loading units also ride on wheeled frames for maximum mobility and positioning flexibility. These are slightly longer than the WP-1 variation.

Nowicki WP-3 meat-tumbler vacuum loading systems are immovable units that fully automate the loading process.

Nowicki WPD industrial meat-tumbling loading systems for box pallets include high hoisting capacities and safety fencing to protect plant personnel from injury.

Nowicki WPD-2 mechanical loading units feature load capacities to 1,760 pounds.

Nowicki BC loading conveyors include an upward incline to feed meat into the elevated access ports of industrial meat-tumbling equipment.

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