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Meat tumblers greatly speed the marination of various meat products. The new Nowicki MA-P-2500PS meat tumbler features two ports (with covers) at both the front and rear of its drum. This two-port designs allows loading from one end and unloading from the opposite end, which makes this tumbler ideal for incorporation into automatic meat-processing lines.


With the Nowicki MA-P-2500PS meat tumbler:

  • Drum rotation is actuated via four durable support rollers
  • The drum motor and drive allow variable-speed control of the drum rotation
  • A built-in vacuum system (controlled from the operator panel) allows execution of various preprogrammed routines
  • All motion components are internally housed

The two-port nature of the Nowicki MA-P-2500PS meat tumbler also makes the machine exceptionally easy to keep clean.

Nowicki MA-P-2500PS meat tumblers can be loaded with meat from:

  • Standard 200 L trolleys via a traditional hydraulic lift
  • A vacuum-based loading system
  • A conveyor belt

In the case of loading via a conveyor or trolleys, it’s also possible to incorporate automatically closing covers. In contrast, for installations employing vacuum-based tumbler loading, the manufacturer recommends a two-cover system, with one for vacuum loading and the other for maintaining a drum vacuum during normal tumbling operation.

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