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Nowicki meat-tumbler weighing and control systems include a touchscreen operator panel through which plant personnel can customize up to 99 different programs. Such systems allow adjustment of process parameters, including the temperature inside the drum, drum vacuum level, rotational rpm of drum, massage time, and overall interval time.

Nowicki meat-tumbler weighing and control systems also let end users measure the amount of meat and marinade put into a given tumbler to control batch weight (and optimize end product results). On the control panel, the current batch’s weight is displayed. With this information, an operator can send a single batch onward, reload it into the tumbler drum for further marinade absorption, or sum its weight with that of subsequent batches sent through tumbler drum. With the latter approach, weights can be zeroed out before a batch, with previous batch weights stored in the controller memory.

Nowicki meat-tumbler weigh scales use industry-standard load cells to measure the mechanical force of a given sampling of meat and generate a digital output.


Nowicki meat-tumbler weighing and control systems let plant personnel choose various machine programs by selecting them by name from a list. After a program is selected, all configurable parameters are displayed. In addition, the systems:

  • Allow remote-access monitoring of machine status from any computer
  • Can execute operations selected automatically or manually 
  • Password-protect machine programs so that only authorized users can adjust them

Nowicki meat-tumbler weighing and control systems also feature an auto-start function to let meat tumblers automatically run at a specified time.

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