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BAK Food Equipment

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End users looking for industrial food-processing solutions to execute meat-injection functions can benefit from fully integrated and automated meat-injection lines. These lines use conveyors and other automated elements to join machines dedicated to specific meat-injection steps. The most common arrangements join a NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery brine injector, rotary filter, and dripping tunnel to fully automate the processing of fish, poultry, or red meat.

Fully integrated and automated meat-injection lines leverage automation to optimize:

  • The production of ham and bacon
  • The production of processed chicken breasts and chicken nuggets
  • The production of meat-in-meat products

For the injector, servo automatic system (SAS) programming allows end users to set a wide array of parameters for tight control over the brining process. Sophisticated brine-filtering equipment ensures cleanliness and consistency. Dripping tunnels allow meat to shed both excess brine and surface puncture holes. Automated loading systems, washdown-ready conveyors, brine mixers, and other machinery complete such installations.

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