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NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery meat-in-meat (MM) lines are fully integrated multimachine solutions to inject meat emulsions into natural muscles and other meat elements. These automated solutions include separate equipment to execute the preparation of meat emulsions, emulsion storage, emulsion injection into muscles, the grinding of return emulsion, and emulsion transport back to the injection system.

NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery meat-in-meat (MM) integrated solutions help plant operators improve the quality of specialty meat products with precise control over the emulsion-injection process. Meat-in-meat integrated lines also increase operational profitability by boosting meat content of the finished product while maintaining high quality standards. What’s more, the pre-integration of machine elements means that the MM installation can be especially compact.


Meat-in-meat integrated lines include the following equipment:

  • Emulsion preparation unit
  • Tank for storage and cooling of emulsion with an independent refrigeration unit
  • Injector machine
  • Emulsifier machine for grinding return fill

NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery meat-in-meat integrated lines also feature servo automatic system (SAS) hardware and programming to give food processors control over a wide array of meat-injection parameters. When incorporated into an integrated meat-in-meat line, the SAS allows emulsion injections ranging from 5% to 150% of the total end product by weight. The SAS also ensures high repeatability of the injection process for consistency as well as:

  • High throughput and improved meat content for various products
  • Use of cut meats and increased profitability
  • High product quality

Finally, the SAS on meat-in-meat integrated lines ensures maximum hygiene (with the inclusion of an automated washing system) as well as easy and quick replacement of injecting heads.

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