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NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery MA series horizontal vacuum tumblers maximize the quality and color of various marinated meat products, including whole chickens, small white meat pieces, fish, and a wide array of red meat cuts. Full marination is achieved up to 30 times faster than with static immersion.


MA series horizontal vacuum tumblers include blade-lined drums with solid, stainless-steel construction to resist degradation by the acids so common in meat marinades. Polished inner-drum surfaces maximize durability and cleanability.

NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery MA series horizontal tumblers can be filled with meat by traditional loading systems or vacuum-based loading systems. Where multiple MA series tumblers operate in a line, one loader can be used to service all of them. Upon completion of the loading process and before tumbling begins, a mechanized port cover (optional) automatically swings closed.

The drum vacuum systems of MA series tumblers include reliable Busch-brand vacuum pumps as standard along with a multistage vacuum pump protection system. End users can also install the meat tumblers to employ external pumps or a central vacuum system.

Some horizontal tumblers feature a cleaning system for sanitizing vacuum system elements. An inspection hole allows washdown personnel to inspect the interior of the drum after cleaning.


Advanced controls on MA series horizontal vacuum tumblers let end users tailor tumbling parameters to the needs of specific products. Programmable aspects of the meat-tumbling process include those related to loading the machine, drum motion, temperature control, and unloading. These and other aspects of vacuum tumbler functions can be adjusted and driven by centralized or independent on-machine controls.

Internet connectivity supports advanced diagnostics and logging of all online process parameters. In some cases, SCADA monitoring and recording tracks batch parameters and yields. An RFID-based system supports product identification and tracking tasks.

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