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NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery MP-2000 two-row container washers are designed to wash up to 2,000 31.5 x 25.5 x 18 inch (L x W x H) containers per hour — along with the containers’ covers. Featuring stainless-steel construction, the washers thoroughly clean and disinfect containers subject to uncompromising hygiene requirements to ensure food safety.


MP-2000 two-row container washers can accept the addition of a wide variety of washing modules designed to customize the washing line to a specific plant’s requirements. These modules include:

  • A prewashing module with a rotary filter — MW-2000 + FOM-1200
  • A prewashing module — MW-2000
  • A main washing module — MMZ-2000
  • An air-dry module — SO-2000 (optional)

MP-2000 two-row container washers include a system of guides that can be adjusted to accommodate (and secure) containers of one specific dimension (in horizontal and vertical planes). In fact, the guides for the machine’s two rows can be set differently to let the machine handle two different container sizes.

The conveyor that carries the containers through the washer is made of stainless steel. Its speed is infinitely adjustable. Other features include:

  • A closed water circulation system with filtration — with a FOM-1200 rotary filter available for the MW-2000 prewashing module
  • Twin wash tank water-level controls employing floats and electric signals to ensure optimal liquid levels
  • The ability to stop rinsing functions when there’s no container in the washer
  • Stainless-steel centrifugal pumps and a pump for maximal rinsing efficiency
  • Quick-release high-pressure nozzles featuring adjustable angles and directions

The two-row container washers also include water heating systems, stainless steam collectors, and water–water exchangers. An automatic water temperature control system includes a display showing set and current parameters. The water heaters can employ gas or oil burners; their stainless-steel burning chambers have large expansion surfaces.

Conductimetric feedback tracks detergent concentrations, supports automatic dosing, and alerts plant personnel that the machine requires detergent replenishment.

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