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The Nowicki SCADA Monitoring System is a software, feedback, and user interface system that gives end users the ability to monitor Nowicki food cutters, vacuum tumblers, injectors, and smokers. With the SCADA Monitoring System, it’s possible to remotely access all machine data and locally save that information to a computer. Logged documents record the machine program name and number, batch number, operating personnel on duty, process time, rpm of the bowl and knives, cutter-bowl vacuum values, stuffing temperature, volume of water added, current alarms, and the machine’s status.

All this data can be displayed via an interactive window on the monitored machine’s operator panel and can also be printed out.


The Nowicki SCADA Monitoring System complements the controls on an industrial container washer. Among other things, a connected SCADA system can monitor and record temperatures and other parameters of multiple wash cycles, the automatic control of water levels (including the temporary pause of wash functions when no container is present within the machine), and the number of containers processed.


The Nowicki SCADA Monitoring System complements brine-injector equipment. Such injectors monitor and optimize the injection process in real time. Their controls then communicate with the SCADA Monitoring System to log injection cycle data, complete with batch number and (when applicable) machine downtime arising from incorrect parameter settings.


The Nowicki SCADA Monitoring System complements meat-tumbler equipment. Such tumblers accelerate the absorption of marinades into meat and other foods. SCADA monitoring software allows plant managers to remotely observe a tumbler’s operating state on any connected computer and then save that data for continuous improvement or predictive maintenance programs. SCADA monitoring software reports and records:

  • Number of executed batches and batch numbers
  • Plant personnel on duty
  • Tumbler drum speed
  • Current steam-injection duration (for tumblers with steam heat capabilities)
  • Current steam-injection break
  • Currently active alarms
  • Hours and minutes of the present cycle
  • Load temperature
  • Weight of all recorded batches and weight of the current batch
  • Lapsed time for a current machine process
  • Drum vacuum values
  • Current machine mode of operation

Monitored data can be displayed via an interactive window or as values plotted over time. In the event of an emergency or failure, data can be retrieved by the SCADA Monitoring System.

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