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Nowicki MPP-150, MP-300, MP-400, and MPU-600 container washers are designed to wash plastic containers, container covers, standard Euro exchange pallets (EPALs), and buggies used in the food-processing industry. Both MP-300 and MPU-600 container washers serve as the foundation for a whole ecosystem of mechanically and electrically compatible container washer modules. End users can expand the functionality of their washer lines with initial washing modules as well as blow-off (drying) modules as needed.


Nowicki MPP-150, MP-300, MP-400, and MPU-600 container washers allow water heating with electric, steam, steam-electric, oil, gas, or exchanger technologies. An automatic water-temperature control system includes a display showing set and current parameters. Conductimetric feedback tracks detergent concentrations, supports automatic dosing, and alerts plant personnel that the machine requires detergent replenishment. The machines can also pause rinsing functions when there’s no container present. In addition, the washers offer:

  • A closed water circulation system
  • A stainless-steel centrifugal pump for long and reliable operation
  • Control over rinse water distribution, intensity, tank refreshes, and overflows
  • Automatic chemical dosing
  • Guards to prevent any accidental opening of the machine during operation

Guide mechanisms keep containers on track as they travel on a speed-adjustable chain conveyor through the washer. All the washers are efficient and fast; the MPU-600 can clean up to 600 containers per hour. 


Nowicki MPP-150, MP-300, MP-400, and MPU-600 container washers accept the addition of an option rotary filter where appropriate. This self-cleaning unit comes with an impurities separator for the sanitary reuse of water. It installs on the left or right side of the container washer.

Other accessories for Nowicki MPP-150, MP-300, MP-400, and MPU-600 container washers include specialized washing nozzles. These nozzle arrays mount in collector pipes for easy disassembly and cleaning of whole collectors. The number of recommended nozzles depends on shape of the container being cleaned.

Integrating nozzles with cross-sections tailored to spraying container interiors and exteriors (and having different stream shapes and pressures) ensures that all container surfaces get the right level of wash rigor. Acid-resistant nozzles hold a set spray angle, eliminating the risk of improperly assembled nozzles that aren’t aimed correctly. Plastic nozzles (which are easy to disassemble and clean) allow end users to change the spray angle as well.

Easy-read touchscreen control panels for Nowicki MPP-150, MP-300, MP-400, and MPU-600 container washers let plant personnel set screen language and then control and access the following washer functions:

  • Pumps switching on and off (with status indicator)
  • Conveyors switching on and off — as well as infinitely variable speed adjustment (with status indicator)
  • Water temperature adjustments and temperature hysteresis with an easy-to-read display of set and current parameters

Via the touchscreen control panel, plant personnel can track the automatic water level of a container washer, switch on the detergent pump (and observe signals indicating a detergent shortage), count containers that have been washed (optional), and note how long a given container has been in operation (optional). Auto-diagnosed failures are communicated as on-screen touch panel messages and alerts to networked computer systems if applicable.

Complementing the control touchscreen are safety switches and emergency stops.

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