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NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery industrial meat-tumbling lines are fully integrated multimachine solutions to reduce reliance on manual labor for rote product transport tasks. These meat-marinating installations can include specialty equipment to execute frozen meat defrosting and massaging processes. Automating the transport, loading, and unloading of meat for processes related to meat tumbling significantly trims operational costs for processing facilities — and reduces the risk of human error associated with manual procedures.

Fully integrated meat-tumbling lines leverage advanced technologies to shorten meat-marinating and other process times while minimizing losses associated with inter-machine transport slowdowns. Thanks to whole line automation, operation is simple for plant personnel.


The machines pre-integrated into meat-tumbling lines feature acid-resistant steel housings and inner elements. Design features give plant personnel easy access to all key equipment areas. For lines destined to process fully frozen blocks of meat, equipment is constructed with various reinforced elements. Loading systems can take the form of mechanical lifts or belt conveyors.


Fully integrated meat-tumbling lines feature automation commanded by advanced controls. In fact, all aspects of the meat-tumbling process are automated, including those related to loading machines with meat, weighing loads, temperature control, timing and actuating marinating and defrosting operations, and unloading. These and other aspects of the line’s functions are preprogrammed and controlled from a centralized control system — and each machine features independent controls. Internet connectivity supports advanced diagnostics and logging of online process parameters.

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