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NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery container washer modules let plant managers specify complete container washer lines à la carte. That’s because NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery container washer modules have universal connections and compatible geometries — for full mechanical and electrical compatibility. So end users get tunnel-type container washers with the ability to satisfy very specific application requirements.


No matter what combination of container washer modules an end user specifies, the washer will always include:

  • Stainless-steel construction and a touchscreen control panel
  • A self-cleaning rotating filter with a debris separator
  • Flexible machine configuration and directionality
  • High-pressure nozzles with adjustable angles to maximize effectiveness
  • Compatibility with automatic container storage systems
  • High efficiency

Modular container washers are built around modular versions of the MP-300 or the MPU-600 container washer. Typical combinations include:

  • One MP-300 washer + one MW-300 prewash module
  • One MP-300 washer + two MW-300 prewash modules
  • One MP-300 + some number of other modules + one SO-300 air-dry module
  • One MPU-600 washer + one MW-600 prewash module
  • One MPU-600 + two MW-600 prewash modules
  • One MPU-600 + some number of other modules + one SO-600 air-dry module


All container washer assemblies featuring a prewashing module conserve water by directing recovered water to a tank for reuse after cleaning. An optional rotary filter completes the design.


Designed to blast water off container surfaces and elements such as lids, blow-off modules let food-processing plants immediately reuse containers that have been washed. Blow-off modules can knock off up to 99% of water beaded on a container’s surface. Actual values depend on the container’s shape, texture, and condition. The modules also allow quick and easy adjustment of nozzle positions (in relation to the containers to be dried) for more or less airstream intensity.

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