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NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery MH-424 SAS brine injectors feature a servo automatic system (SAS) and integrated weigh operations to offer technologically advanced injection processes for fish fillets as well as red and white meats. These brine injectors offer highly consistent injection levels with continuous real time monitoring of the process for deviations, allowing for immediate corrections to brine makeup, volume, temperature, and timing where possible.

A complementary weighing system (complete with SCADA system integration) leverages two weigh stations proceeding and following the injection zone to continuously measure the weight of the conveyed raw material. The system records raw material weight, expressed as a percentage increase for maximum insight into (and control over) over injection, which in turn maximizes meat quality.


Integrated weighing functionality for NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery brine injectors allows for:

  • Full control over the final product’s composition
  • Compliance with composition and labeling requirements
  • Maximized profitability
  • A compact design (abolishing the need for external weigh tables)

NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery brine injectors with integrated weighing are suitable for the processing of bone-in and boneless red meat muscle and other elements, bone-in and boneless poultry parts and whole poultry products, and fish.



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