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OptimizE Labor for Bacon Manufacturing


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Historically, making bacon has been a laborious process. As a result, those technologies that can help reduce the labor required to produce high volumes of quality product are in demand from bacon manufacturers looking to fill the ever-growing demand for their delicious products.

This is where Protech’s Automated Spiral Cooking, Smoking, Freezing System steps in. The fully automated system allows meat processors to optimize labor, requiring only two operators to produce 8,800 pounds of perfectly seasoned, cooked, and smoked product per hour. The system also helps producers improve culture and employee retention rates, create product consistency, and improve safety.

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John Bobak, founder and CEO of BAK Food Equipment, and Thomas Bako, director of business development, explain the benefits of the Automated Spiral Cooking, Smoking, Freezing System in an article in Meat+Poultry magazine’s special bacon supplement. In this article, John outlines the step-by-step process the system uses to transform raw pork bellies into fully seasoned, smoked, and frozen product, ready for slicing. Not only do they detail how the system helps reduce the human labor needed to cook, smoke, and freeze smoked meats, but Thomas also shares information about BAK’s stellar pre- and post-installation services.

>>>View the article here.

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