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Labor Benefits of Food Processing Automation

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As demand for food products continues to rise, the availability of labor isn’t keeping pace. This imbalance puts unprecedented pressure on food processors, who’ve traditionally crafted their products by hand. For many processors, this means operating below maximum capacity, leading to millions of dollars in unrealized profits. Even those fortunate enough to maintain a full staff are now focused on making these labor-intensive jobs more comfortable to boost employee satisfaction and retention. 

There’s one solution to all these challenges: automation. Food processing automation equipment can help food and beverage manufacturers optimize their labor to maximize production while also enhancing job satisfaction. 

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Zack Olson, manager of growth strategy and innovation at BAK Food Equipment, delves into this topic in the June issue of the National Provisioner.  In the article, Olson explores the numerous benefits of automated food processing equipment, emphasizes the importance of partnering with a trusted expert before investing in automation solutions, and shares insights into the future of food processing automation. 

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