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Keeping Pet Food Safe: A Look at Modern Sanitation Solutions

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A solid cleaning and sanitation program helps ensure that your product maintains its quality long enough to be sold. The first step is developing a master sanitation program that’s validated for the product, the process, the equipment, and the environment. Then, it’s about making sure that the program is followed as written and routinely evaluated and adapted to address any changes or emerging issues.

Keeping Pet Food Safe

At BAK Food Equipment, we understand that there’s no magic bullet to instantly clean a facility. Facility cleaning comes down to these tried-and-true methods we’ve been following for decades. But with our commitment to hygienic design and continuous innovation, we’re here to make the cleaning process as efficient and effective as possible. 

A recent article titled “Coming Clean: Leveraging Modern Sanitation Advancements to Overcome Food Safety Concerns During Production,” published in Pet Food Processing, highlights the challenges and advancements in leveraging modern sanitation to overcome food safety concerns during the production of pet food. In the article, Tom Bako, director of business development for BAK Food Equipment, emphasizes the importance of equipment with hygienic design elements for achieving optimal cleaning and sanitation processes. 

To learn how you can leverage modern sanitation advancements to overcome food safety concerns during production, read the full article in Pet Food Processing  here.

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