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Industry-Leading Baking Systems for Pet Food Production Maximize Output in Minimal Floor Space

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Today’s supermarket and pet shop shelves are lined with a multitude of baked pet treats and foods — from cat and dog kibble to animal-friendly birthday cakes — as the market continues expanding in the United States and worldwide. With the U.S. market for pet food expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.77% annually through 2028, according to Statista, pet food processors will be challenged with maintaining the most optimized systems to keep pace with the competition in this growing market.  

Among the core functions of an optimized pet food process for many pet food products is baking. Baking systems in pet food processing can make a big impact on both the quality of product and volume produced. 

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In a May 2024 Pet Food Processing article, Zack Olson, manager of growth strategy and innovation at BAK Food Equipment, explains how top-of-the-line baking solutions enable pet food processors to maximize production in their existing space. He showcases BAK Food Equipment’s flexible baking solutions, including spiral and in-line options, which can be customized for a processor’s unique needs. 

Learn more in Pet Food Processing’s May 2024 issue 

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