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How Automated Food Processing Drives Returns

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Often when we speak about automating food processing lines, processors of any size show some hesitation. However, whether you’re a large plant producing products for national distribution or a local meat locker, some level of automation could benefit your bottom line, make your employees’ jobs better and safer, and more.

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Recently, Tom Bako, Director of Business Development, spoke to Aaron Hand, Editor-in-Chief of ProFood World, about the benefits of automation projects of any size. In the article, Bako dispels some myths about food processing automation. Labor optimization is a key reason food processors are considering automated solutions, like the Protech Automated Spiral Cooking/Smoking/Freezing System, he explained. 

BAK Food Equipment also wants to extend a special thanks to Clarion Locker’s Manie Nel for sharing his story of automating his meat injection process with NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery injectors from BAK Food Equipment. Clarion Locker experienced an uptick in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic that pushed the small Iowa meat locker to automate its injection processes for ham and other cured meats. Nel shares how an automated meat injector eased the pressure on staff, while also increasing quality and quantity of production.

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