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How A Vacuum Meat Tumbler Improves Your Product, Process


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Meat tumblers can be a valuable tool to improve a processor’s product and the overall process. As the name implies, vacuum tumblers tumble meat, sometimes with marinade or other seasonings, in a vacuum. This process provides a variety of benefits to the product, and today’s industrial tumblers go even further.

Here are some of the ways a vacuum tumbler from BAK Food Equipment will help you boost your product quality and optimize your operations.

Improved appearance: In many operations, meats are sent through an injection line, which uses large needles to inject brine or marinade into the product. These needles often leave marks where they penetrated the meat. Cuts of meat can also get misshapen in shipping and storage after butchering. The use of a vacuum meat tumbler prior to cooking loosens meat structures to eliminate injection sites or other damage to the structure of the meat product. Gentle but firm tumbling also gives meat products an appealing color, leaving them looking their best.

Meat tumblers from BAK Food Equipment feature specially designed paddles inside the drums, guaranteeing top-notch performance. The insides of the drums are polished to ensure even the largest cuts of meat are easily massaged.

Optimized marination process: One of the key applications for an industrial tumbler is marination. Traditionally, this process would be time consuming, with raw products resting in marinade potentially for hours. Utilizing a vacuum tumbler for marinading maximizes the saturation of spices and brine into meat products, allowing products to reach full marination as much as 30 times faster than static soaking.

Additionally, meat processors agree that vacuumed tumbled meat products weigh more than the original non-tumbled products, which improves yields. The liquid weight added during the tumbling process helps meat products remain moister through cooking while also boosting flavor.

Utilizing a vacuum also inhibits bacterial reproduction and reduces product oxidation, making for food-safe operations. NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery vacuum tumblers available from BAK Food Equipment are fitted with industry-leading Busch vacuum pumps. Suction is connected via the lid for the front port, which improves sanitation levels.

Vacuum Meat Tumbler Improves Your Product

Incorporate automation to save time and money: To further optimize any meat processor’s operations, vacuum tumblers can be completely automated to work continuously when coupled with conveying and loading equipment, a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, and modern process automation. 

Automation of the tumbling process is possible for operators of any size, with loading systems available for individual vacuum tumblers or for loading multiple tumblers in a line. Industrial meat-tumbling machine loading systems pick up and tip 200-liter bins, emptying product down a chute that leads to the opening of the vacuum tumbler. Unloading works in reverse. The tumbler drum rotates in the opposite direction, and the paddles inside the drum empty the product out of the opening. 

By adding SCADA capabilities to the control panel, operators are given better data to analyze, and can remotely monitor and control the vacuum tumbler. Industrial tumblers from BAK Food Equipment feature 7.5- or 12-inch control panels. The 12-inch panel allows for additional weighing and RFID options, adding even more control over the process.  

Additionally, tumblers can offer a variety of other functionalities to save processing time. A cooling tumbler or a heated tumbler can serve two purposes in one machine. For example, a heated tumbler can be used to marinate meats from frozen blocks. Heated and cooling tumblers from BAK Food Equipment allow for total control over the temperature of the meat being processed. 

When it comes to food-processing equipment, our robust range of commercial vacuum tumblers can accommodate small operations up to complete lines. BAK Food Equipment offers unmatched quality, durability, and performance. With a focus on customization, safety, and efficiency, we have dedicated ourselves to meeting the unique needs of our customers in the food industry. Trust us to revolutionize your operations and let us equip you for new levels of success. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of the vacuum tumbler for your operation, discuss your equipment requirements, or schedule a consultation.

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