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Clarion Locker Improves Quality, Consistency with Automated Injection 

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When thinking about automation, it’s easy to envision large facilities with conveyor belts and robotics handling products without human intervention. But there are many smaller food processing operations that benefit from just a few pieces of automated food processing equipment. 

For example, Clarion Locker is a custom meat processor that previously performed all their work by hand, processing cuts to the specifications of their customers in Clarion, Iowa. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Clarion Locker saw its business skyrocket as big box groceries ran out of meat and families turned to their local butchers for supply. However, the operation was not equipped to process so much product so quickly.  

NOMA brine injector

With the help of a NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery, MHM automated brine injector from BAK Food Equipment, Clarion Locker increased throughput and improved the quality and consistency of its brined products. The locker has since introduced other small pieces of automated equipment into its operation and hasn’t looked back. 

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