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BAK Food Equipment Offers Grinders for Processors of Any Size

NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery and N&N Nadratowski grinders provide flexibility, precision, and reliability to your operations.


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BURR RIDGE, IL, June 28, 2023 BAK Food Equipment is pleased to announce that it offers a variety of grinders from NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery and N&N Nadratowski in North America. Grinding solutions from BAK Food Equipment bring precision, flexibility, and reliability to users’ ground product manufacturing lines. 

The company’s portfolio includes a variety of grinder sizes and functionalities, ensuring a solution for food processors of any size. 

Ideal for small processors, catering companies, and chain restaurants, NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery W-130A automatic meat grinders allow these operations to grind fresh meat in a compact, reliable machine. The W-130A grinder features two angularly arranged worms — one for feeding and another for pressing — which results in high-quality minced meat. This grinder is compatible with industry-standard stuffing trolleys and features an easy-to-use operator panel. Further optimizing the quality of the ground product are various combinations of cutting tools and high-performance tendon separators.

For large meat, fish, and pet food production facilities, NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery W-200 B and W-280 B automatic angle grinders can grind fresh or frozen blocks of meat as cold as –8°F (–22°C) to preset levels of granulation. These grinders include open-top grind hoppers that accept inputs of whole meat via an inclined feed or conveyor lift, and angularly arranged worms that feed and press the meat into an extrusion cutting zone. With high-quality stainless-steel construction and CNC machined worms, these grinders are rugged, smooth, and easy to clean.

Designed for grinding meat that is fresh or frozen down to –4°F (–20°C), NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery W-130, W-160, and W-200 angle grinders can output meat ground to specific granulation. These grinders can be equipped with different worm types to accommodate a variety of applications, including meat processing, fish and seafood processing, confectionary, pet foods, and more. Open-top grind hoppers accessible via an inclined conveyor or trolley lift increase safety, while stainless-steel construction and CNC machined worms ensure easy cleaning.

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For those in need of multifunctionality, the N&N Nadratowski MG series of mixer-grinders combines a twin-shaft paddle mixer with a high-end grinder to save space and time. The MG series is specially designed for grinding pre-minced meat. The grinder’s throat is located under and perpendicular to the mixer’s tank. A container located in the lower half of the tank quickly fills the grinder’s throat, leaving little to no waste. The MG series mixer functionality gently and effectively mixes while maintaining product structure, ensuring efficient mixing of fatty and lean meat at speeds up to 20% faster than a standard mixer. The MG series is equipped with a manual operator panel or a touch-screen HMI. This solution is ideal for applications in which quick, efficient mixing, excellent product structure, and adequate color contrast after grinding are essential.

“Whether you are looking for a small solution or in need of multifunctionality, we have the right grinder for any food processing operation,” says John Bobak, founder and CEO of BAK Food Equipment. “Our grinders offer the precision, speed, and cleanliness required by today’s food processors of any kind.” 

NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery and N&N Nadratowski grinders are available from BAK Food Equipment with a range of customizations for use in a variety of applications. From a small butchery to larger commercial operations, our experts can recommend the right grinder to fit the unique needs of your operations.

About BAK Food Equipment

BAK Food Equipment, previously known as Equipment Processing Solutions, carries a broad line of food processing equipment, including industrial mixers, grinders, cutters, tumblers and tenderizers, injection systems, and monitoring hardware. With more than 60 years of experience in the food industry, BAK Food Equipment partners with its customers from initial consultation through design and specification to provide the right food processing equipment at the best value. BAK Food Equipment is the exclusive North American distributor of NOMA, formerly Nowicki Food Machinery, Protech, and N&N Nadratowski food processing solutions. To learn more, visit

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